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This website is preserved as an Archive for the NSF-funded
CSISS program (1999-2007).
Current resources in support of
Spatially Integrated Social Science
are now available at the following:


CSISS Tools Clearinghouse

The CSISS Tools Clearinghouse is intended to grow into a robust collection of spatial analysis software, software links, and links to information about tools for spatial analysis. The development of these tools is a lively research area and the goal of this clearinghouse is to provide up-to-date information on available tools. The clearinghouse is comprised of:

  • Select Tools
    Browse through tools particularly suited to the analysis of spatial phenomena.

  • Portal Links
    A listing of useful collections of software tools for anyone interested in Spatial Analysis, or those looking for specific tools.

    New - GeoDa 0.9.5-i, beta release software for ESDA with dynamically linked windows.

  • Tobler's Flow Mapper
    New - Software for interactive flow mapping.

Your help is requested in suggesting tools, collections of tools, other portals, and methods that should be represented in this collection - please send these to the Tools Manager, Luc Anselin.

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